Success Stories

Selecting an ERP system is just one part of the equation – what makes the remaining difference is your vendor’s skill set and industry expertise. The vendor you work with has to be familiar with your industry’s best practices, and help to redesign or streamline existing processes to enhance productivity.

Inecom has a strong track record in implementing SAP Business One for companies of any size, ranging from SMEs and regional companies to global MNCs. With a customer retention rate of 98% (among the top in industry), we view customer relationships and engagement as our long-term objective.

Here are what our customers say:    

Advance Process Technologies Pte Ltd – “We have halved our weekly production planning time from 2 days to 1 day. Instead of planning in Excel, our production and Routing WIP modules are now integrated in SAP Business One. Information is easily accessible, and production planning is faster and more efficient.”

W. Atelier Pte Ltd – “SAP Business One has given us the core that we want to build on, after we became accustomed with the system we then embarked on projects such as warehouse management, barcoding, e-Commerce and tablet-enabled web-portals for our showrooms.” 

VSTECS (Singapore) Pte Ltd – “We were thorough in researching which new ERP system best suited us. SAP Business One had the benefit of a significant reputation and we were further comforted by Inecom, their professionalism and their ability to deliver a solution that met our needs.”

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  • “…One of the most pleasing aspects of the implementation was that Inecom delivered the solution faster than promised and under budget. Not just in Singapore but also in our Malaysian operation…”

    – KC Yap, Office Manager

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  • “…Head Office and ourselves decided against SAP R3, as we are a small subsidiary with less complex requirements. SAP Business One was the least expensive option but it was also the most suitable solution for our needs…”

    – Mee Tyng Yoo, Finance Manager

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  • “…Our customers want a better product with higher quality and better service, but at the same time price. SAP Business One is helping us to meet those expectations…”

    – Lee Kong Peng, Managing Director

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  • “In terms of KPIs, our efficiency and productivity has improved by 30%. FY2012 sales for the period ending 31 March 2012 is forecasted to grow by more than 50% from FY2011. We are confident this is achievable and will continue to increase over the years.”

    – Vivienne Chua, Finance Manager

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Wholesale Trade & Distribution
  • “… We were thorough in researching what new ERP system best suited us. SAP Business One had the benefit of a significant reputation. We were further comforted by Inecom, their professionalism and their ability to deliver a solution that meet our needs.”

    – Chan Swee Lim, Vice President, Management Information Systems

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  • “What I have been most impressed with is the support service from Inecom. When I or my staff calls with a problem, we know it will be resolved quickly.”

    – Bay Yanming, Business Development Manager

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  • “Inecom came highly recommended from a trusted 3rd party. It gave us some instant level of comfort. Inecom could actually demonstrate in my office, portals they had delivered for other customers with similar functionality. ”

    – Eric Chew, Managing Director

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  • “SAP Business One is a fully integrated system with fairly advanced functionality. In terms of price, it is much more economical than SAP R3 or A1. So, for small to medium size businesses, I think it’s a good investment. ”

    – Gani Atmadiredja, Managing Director

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Steel & Metal
  • Nature of Business: Distribution of Steel Products

    “…SAP Business One has proven to be a sound investment for us; delivering greater operational efficiencies than we expected…”

    – Yvonne Lee, Managing Director

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Project-Based Companies
  • “…Our SAP Business One roll-out has given us the tools to manage our growing business – at the same time improving customer service and profitability…”

    – Benny Ng, Financial Controller

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  • “…We used to spot mistakes in four out of 10 invoices that we generated. Now, there are virtually none…”

    – Lim Wei Chuan, Admin Director

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Equipment Leasing
  • Asvida Asia Pte Ltd

    “SAP Business One implementation boosted productivity. Stocktaking, for example, which used to require three days, can now be done in a day. Profit and loss closing used to take up to 15 days. This is down to five.”

    – Ms Kow Ya, Chief Executive

Service & Repair
  • “The constraint we face in the Service and Repair industry is the short turnaround time we have to repair any malfunctioning components. Hence, we needed a system that was reliable, fast and user-friendly.”

    – Franck Scherer, Managing Director

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  • “Our previous system was very rigid and unable to be customised. We still needed to run much of our business manually, which was time consuming and prone to human errors. SAP Business One came at the right time to solve our problems.”

    – William Loh, Managing Director

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