The Great Inecom Sale – 20% Discount on Add-on Software Licenses

great inecom sale

In line with the Great Singapore Sale, Inecom is offering all customers a limited-time promotion!

All Inecom customers will enjoy a 20% discount on add-on software license fees.

1. Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Inecom’s WMS solution helps automate your warehouse operations. Using barcode scanners on handheld computers, non-SAP users can perform tasks such as; Production Issue, Goods Receipt, Putaway, Stock Take and Picking for Delivery Orders, thus improving warehouse productivity and minimising stock inaccuracies.

Click here for the Warehouse Management System module datasheet.

2. Streamline your customers’ ordering process with a Sales Web Portal.

Inecom’s Sales Web Portal can reduce administrative tasks and drive customer satisfaction. The portal enables your customers to submit orders via a browser-based online portal which is integrated to your SAP Business One system. Using the portal, customers can perform price enquiries, view stock availability (optional), place new orders, and retrieve their historical sales orders. 

Click here for the Sales Web Portal module datasheet.

3. Generate group financial insights and automate intercompany transactions with Inecom’s group consolidation modules.

The Group Consolidation module lets you consolidate multiple ledgers into one GL for more efficient reporting. The module also automates Inter-Company enquiries and transaction document creation when your corporate entities sell or purchase items and services from one another.  

Click here for the Group Consolidation module datasheet.

4. Improve margins and lesson credit risk with Inecom’s GP and Credit Approval module.

The Gross Profit and Credit Approval module gives managers greater control over their sales function. The module stops items being sold below the company’s required margin level and prevents sales orders from being processed when the customer is a credit risk. A simple user interface provides the necessary information for sales users and managers to review the sales order or customer’s credit status before proceeding or approving the sales order.

Click here for the GP and Credit Approval module datasheet.

The Great Inecom Sale – 20% Discount on Add-on Software Licenses