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Posted on 6th June 2019.


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No. Topics
 1. Inventory Management – Units of Measure for Sales, Purchasing and Inventory
 2. How to work with Configurable User Interface in 9.3
 3. Managing Sales Activities and Opportunities in SAP Business One
 4. How to correct Wrong Entries
 5. How to use MRP for Inventory Control
 6. How to handle multi-entity Intercompany Transactions
 7. Standard B1 Mobile Apps (SQL and HANA)
 8. What’s new in SAP version 9.3
 9. 9.3 Analytics Portal – access to reports at anytime, anywhere
10. Features and Benefits of Inecom Point of Sales (POS) System
11. Features and Benefits of Inecom Advanced Manufacturing Suite
12. Inecom Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Delivery System (WDS)
13. Performance tuning of SQL/ HANA database
14. How can Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help in your B1 system?
15. Integration with 3rd party software – what to consider


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