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Posted on 1st June 2020.


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No. Topics

Cash Flow Management – credit limit, payment terms, speed up processing and collection of receivables, analysis of customers’ payment pattern, interactive Cash Flow Forecast and more
 2. How to reconcile COGS, WIP, production variances and GL
 3. How to correct wrong entries
 4. Fixed Assets in 9.x and 10.x
 5. HANA Pervasive Analytics – Dashboards and KPIs
 6. How to create and manage Marketing Campaigns in SAP Business One
 7. The ABCs of Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
How to fulfill important orders using Advanced Available-to-Promise Check and Delivery Scheduling
 9. Using CRM Service to improve customer service and manage your service operations
10. What’s new in B1iF 2.0 – Integration Framework for IoT, e-Commerce and more
11. EFM – Electronic File Manager for bank files formatting and bank statement reconciliation
12. MS Outlook and MS365 integration with SAP Business One
13. UOB/ Enterpryze solution – what does the solution cover?
14. Taking your business to E-Commerce
15. Improve efficiency with WMS

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