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Posted on 1st December 2021.


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No. Topics
 1. Web Client for SAP Business One in version 10.0.
 2. Get paid faster with InvoiceNow (PEPPOL) E-invoicing.
 3. How to work with project management in SAP Business One – project stage, tasks, project documents, interactive Gantt chart plus advance features like project budgets and progress billing.
 4. Why do I need to upgrade to the latest version of SAP Business One? What happens if I stay on with the current version.
 5. How to backup and restore your SAP Business One database.
 6. How to manage Price List in SAP Business One and prevent salespeople from underquoting?
 7. SAP Business One Tips and Tricks to improve the usability of your SAP Business One system.
 8. How to import Supplier’s invoice in PDF format into your SAP Business One AP Invoice.
 9. The power of Excel – how to copy information from Excel to your SAP Business One application and vice versa, how to import data from Excel using Import from Excel and how to use Excel as a reporting tool.
10. How to set authorization access for master files and transactions – including tab level authorization of master files and data ownership authorization of the same transaction type by departments/ user groups.
11. What affects the performance of your SAP Business One application?
12. Enhancements of UOM (unit of measure) in various SAP Business One versions.
13. Hear it directly from our developers – what is B1iF, Service Layer, DIAPI and DI Server?
14. How to automate your banking transactions – integration of Outgoing Payments with your bank and how to automate bank reconciliation.
15. Change logs and audit trails – what are the available features in the latest SAP Business One versions.

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